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Access to CPPM With AD Credentials

Hi all

i would like to get your help in configuration of TACACS access
to CPPM using AD.

i did the following steps:
1. made sure DNS i correct
2. made sure NTP/TIME ZONE is correct
3. made sure DNS can resulve CPPM server [ussing the "network nslookup " command]
4. configured TACACS service that is being used when i try to enter CPPM with AD user.

i keep geting the following error:
Failed to connect and bind to host=, error=Connection reset.
Failed to authenticate user=clearpass

i have tryed to follow this URL:

any idea what sould i check next?
is it possible there i a guide in the community for that?


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Re: Access to CPPM With AD Credentials

Check your AD (LDAP) authentication source. It sounds like you are not able to bind to AD to complete authentication.

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