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Accounting for SonicWall SSO with Clearpass / Cisco WLC 5508


We have just deployed ClearPass Policy Manager on CP-HW-5K into our environment where it integrates with Cisco WLC 5508.


Sonicwall SSO is configured on a Windows Machine and authenticate the Wired users into Sonicwall without any proplem.  Clearpass is configured with OnGuarding and authenticating users against LDAP / Active Directory.

Clearpass sees the correct authenticated username in the Access Tracker without any issue. Sonicwall sees the Wireless Clients as Unknown/UnAuthenticated Users.

I have configured an Accounting in SonicWall, but that didn't help as well.


Any help to get Sonicwall Sees the Wireless Users as Authenticated users in order for SonicWall Analyzer to fetch a user Web Activity Report correctly?





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