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Advance WIPS security feature availability


Can we achieve below requirement in Aruba 7030 controller with WIPS license or do we need additional subscription or hardware.

Security is major concern  so Controller/Add on Solution  should provide Advance WIDS/WIPS functionality.  Please quote the additional price for the same. Advance WIDS/WIPS should comply below mentioned security points:-
Advance  WIDS/WIPS  should  able to detect advance  attacks  i.e. spoofed MAC address detection, Authentication attack, Valid SSID misuse, EAP handshake Flood attacks etc
Advance WIDS/WIPS should detect an invalid AP broadcasting valid SSID and should prevent valid clients from these AP’s.
The WIPS solution should detect and protect if an attacker attempts to lure a client to a malicious AP using university SSID on fake APin close proximity of the university premises.  It should detect When the Campus Client probes for Campus SSID and these malicious APs respond and invite the client to connect to them.
Controller  should  perform  spectrum  analysis  to detect and  classify sources  of interferences.  System  should  provide  fast  Fourier  transform  displays  and spectrograms for real-time troubleshooting and visualization.
The WIPS solution should detect and protect if a client probe-request frame will be answered by a probe response containing a null SSID to crash or lock up the firmware of any 802.11 NIC.
The WIPS solution should detect and protect if a client/tool try to flood an AP with 802.11 management frames like authenticate/associate frames which are designed to fill up the association table of an AP.
The WIPS solution should detect and protect if somebody try to spoof MAC address of client or AP for unauthorized authentication.
The WIPS solution should detect and protect if a client/tool try de authentication broadcast attempts to disconnect all clients in range rather than sending a spoofed death to a specific MAC address.
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Re: Advance WIPS security feature availability

You might be in good shape with most of these requirements with the RFProtect license. For an authoritative statement, I would work with your local Aruba partner, or Sales team if you are a partner.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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