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AirGroup on AOS8 and IAP. [How to ?]

Hi Everyone,


I want to configuring up a apple classroom solution "AIRGROUP".


I have an idea like picture below.

Classroom Solution.jpgAirgroup SolutionAll devices are in same vlan1.


I need to classifiled student classroom A to see only appleTV-A.

Using AirPlay Mirroring Service.



Student username contain A (A001-A010) see only AppleTV-A.


Student username contain B (B002-B020) see only AppleTV-B.



Please help me deploy configuration to AOS8(Standalone) and IAP.


Thank you.

Best Regards.


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Re: AirGroup on AOS8 and IAP. [How to ?]

In AOS8, I just following configuration from user guide.

Already turn on the AirGroup feature, But i don't know how to map user id with apple-tv.


Can everyone give me idea how to make student username: A001 only AirPlay Mirroring on Apple-TV_A.




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Re: AirGroup on AOS8 and IAP. [How to ?]

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Re: AirGroup on AOS8 and IAP. [How to ?]

Hi cjoseph,

If i don't have ClearPass. I can't use AirGroup?

What solution can I deploy AirGroup without CPPM?



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Re: AirGroup on AOS8 and IAP. [How to ?]

At minimum you should be able to have any users on the cluster see mdns and dlna devices when "Broadcast filtering" is set to ARP or ALL.  Typically discovery of mdns and dlna devices would be blocked when you set Broadcast Filtering to ALL or ARP on an SSID.  Airgroup makes it so that you can have improved performance with broadcast filtering, but users will still be able to discover devices using mdns or dlna.


Further, you should be albe to allow or block device discovery based on VLAN or Role.


To specify what usernames would be able to connect what devices, requires ClearPass.

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Re: AirGroup on AOS8 and IAP. [How to ?]


I use server base policy equal username.


*** I have a question about.

How many AppleTV limitation of AirGroup on 1 standalone controller?

Or no limit?

Untitled.pngServer Base Policy

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Re: AirGroup on AOS8 and IAP. [How to ?]

Hey Bababa


Were you able to solve the same on IAP? That screenshot you have added is from an AOS8 Controller.


I'm just trying to figure out if Auto-associate is available for IAP or not..

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