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AirWave specs for 8.0.1

When I log into my AirWave server, it displays the new version to download (8.0.1). I go to the download software page to read the release notes, but I do not see 8.0.1. Under current version, it shows 7.7.12. Where can I get the release notes?

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Re: AirWave specs for 8.0.1

Never mind, I found the release notes not under software downloads. They are  under documentation.

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Re: AirWave specs for 8.0.1

I do not believe you can get the 8.0.x version at the moment.   it is not on the download page at this time.

Re: AirWave specs for 8.0.1

yeah, saw that just a moment ago.


Hope that doesn't mean I need to rollback/rebuild. :smileyfrustrated:

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Re: AirWave specs for 8.0.1


No worries, 8.0.3 expected soon (within the week), per other forum thread, with a focus on fixing some performance issues.




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