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Airgroup basic question



I have a basic question regarding Airgroup service in Aruba instant. Its said in documentation that " Ensure cross-VLAN visibility and availability" but I have a question about that.


If I have VLAN 10 for customers, and VLAN 11 for just one chromecast, I can understand visibility but not availability part of Airgroup.


For example. VLAN 10 IP range, and VLAN 11 IP range Chromecast have IP address and user device have IP address User device thanks to Airgroup discover a Chromecast with IP address and tries to send content. For that traffic from user to Chromecast to happen do I have to declare firewall rules in user WLAN like allow all traffic to IP Do I need routing between those two vlans?


Thank you in advanced.



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Re: Airgroup basic cuestion

You still need to permit the traffic and allow routing.  Typically DLNA (what a client would use to discover a Chromecast) only allows discovery in the same subnet.  Airgroup proxies the DLNA respons from the Chromecast to the client, but you still need to allow routing and permit traffic between the devices.

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