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Airgroup with Cluster setup

We are running on the Mobility Masters and controllers with the controllers setup in a cluster. We also use Clearpass to limit where an airprint printer will show on clients. Airgroup is setup as centralized. We also have an airgroup domain setup with both controllers in it. All the vlans are setup on both controllers. The problem we are having is if a client is connected to controller 1 it will see printers (well say) 1,2,and 3. If another client is connected controller 2 it will see printers 4,5, and 6. If you check at another time, the client on controller 1 might see printers 1, 5, and 6 while the client on controller 2 will see printers 2, 3, and 4. You never know which printer you may see. You may only see a single printer while all the others will show up on the other client. Any client that is connected to a particular controller will see the same printers. Any help would be appreciated.

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