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Airwatch endpoint server question.


Just configured our clearpass cluster (6.4.3) to talk to our Airwatch server and looking at the event log I can see messages saying


SourceEndpoint Context Server
Categoryairwatch: Endpoint details updated
TimestampJan 16, 2015 09:22:43 GMT
Updated 1 Endpoint details from airwatch



o.k. that's fine, and  looking in the endpoint database I can see "stuff" that's been obtained via airwatch and I know I can build enforcement policies using that info. My question is, when you look the airwatch server configuration there are a number of actions (see below).  I'm assuming that these are actions I can execute from clearpass. If so how? Any documentation?







Clear PasscodeReset Passcode on the device
Enterprise WipeDelete only corporate information stored
Get AppsGet apps information for the device
Lock DeviceLocks the device
Remote WipeDelete all information stored
Send MessageSend message to the device
Send Message (Parameterized)

Send message with parameters to the device



Re: Airwatch endpoint server question.

Thank You,

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Re: Airwatch endpoint server question.



Thats another items I need to do in more details.... how to action on a context-server-action in my EMM TechNote.


But in summary Yes, you can perform these actions against an endpoint... a simple way is to simple process one of these actions in a HTTP Enforcemnt Profile.... select Airwatch as the target system and then the action you want to perform. Tie this profile into a service.


And you are good to go.



Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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