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Allow different options based on sponsor type

Hello Everyone,

I have a question about sponsored access. When a sponsor approves an account they have an option to select the role which is assigned to the new guest user, as well as the option to extend the expiration.


We have a client who would like to allow for 2 levels of sponsorship access. Regular employees can sponsor a guest for basic internet access, and a 24 hours account, while a manager(or other class of employee) can allow for a higher level of access, and account expiry for up to 1 month. We would like to accomplish this on 1 SSID.


The issue is that on the sponsor ship page you can only specify 1 location for 'extended access' and these options show up for all sponsors. Is there any way to limit which 'extened access' options a sponsor recieves based on a AD group membership?


Our current work around is to only allow for the lower possible access levels, and then the manager would need to ask their helpdesk to extend the access on the back end.





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Re: Allow different options based on sponsor type



It is not possible to send different types of sponsorship mails, whatever we send will be visible to all the members of the DL to which you are sending the mail.


Your current solution is the best solution. second level access permission can be changed through backend.

Venu Puduchery,
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