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Amigopod & Cisco Call Manager



I am trying to use my cisco ip phones to enable guest wifi accounts, i have followed the document provided by Aruba, see below,


As mentioned i have followed the document and the service fails at the phone, i dont get any splash page or any other page, i have tried no splash page and splash page default. I can see the hyperlink that Amigopod creates and it works (ie i get the script) when i goto it via IE/Firefox. I get a blank screen with the option to Select Service but thats all.


I have also enable other external services so i know that the CUCM provides IP services to the phones, ive tried serveral phone devices and all show the same failure.


Anyone have any pointers as to where to start looking?


Not sure the Amigopod ver, but the Cisco Plugin is 3.1.4 and the CUCM is Ver8.




Re: Amigopod & Cisco Call Manager

Can you confirm that the IP Phones have routed network access to the Amigopod hosting the XML service.
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Re: Amigopod & Cisco Call Manager


yes, they do have access to each other, i can ping the Amigopod from the CUCM, i dont get any timeout indications from the phones either,


thanks for replying.

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Re: Amigopod & Cisco Call Manager

This is about a year late for an answer but, I imagine the phone is not liking the https  redirect.  It wants plain old http

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