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Amigopod and CPPM

Anyone used CPPM as the radius backend for amigopod?  I have tried to configure this under radius-proxy and without success.  Anyone point me in the right direction re:howto guide?  I really wan CPPM to be the centre of my authentication universe and I am not too happy about amigopod authenticating with AD directly

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Re: Amigopod and CPPM

Yes, you have to configure a Radius Proxy server on Amigopod, pointing to CPPM.


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Re: Amigopod and CPPM

Cheers cj I am a bit of a one man band here
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Re: Amigopod and CPPM

OK so I have corrected the config error in the shared key - now I get a double authentication from CPG, once from its regular address, and a second seemingly erroneous message from CPG via address ?  Why on earth is it requesting a second authenticatoin attempt and announcing its on NAS address as a loopback, which is caught by a more generic service definition in CPPM and fails.  strange

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