Amigopod interfaces tied to the same VMnet

Hi guys


I am trying to deploy an Amigopod demo at a customer site with the following scenario:


  • We're deploying Amigopod on a VMware Player virtual machine.
  • Both interfaces are configured as "bridged"
  • Each VMnet interface is tied to a different physical interface

I've been running quite a few tests and have come to the conclusion that both MNG and LAN interfaces are tied to the same virtual interface (VMnet0).


Has any of you guys faced this problem. I'd very much appreciate if you could give me any tip.





Samuel Pérez


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Re: Amigopod interfaces tied to the same VMnet

I ran into a similar issue with VMWare Server. The trick is taking it beyond what VMWare wants you to do. My issue was adding more VLANs. Not sure this will help in your situation.


Let me know if you want the info on how to do that.


Otherwise, I you will probably need to look into the Virtual Network Editor (I believe that also exists in VM Player). Also, take a look at the following file:

C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Server\netmap.conf


Just open it up with notepad and have a look. Here is the readable version of what I put in mine:

# This file is automatically generated.
# Hand-editing this file is not recommended. = "Bridged999"
network0.device = "vmnet0" = "Bridged600"
network1.device = "vmnet1" = "Bridged601"
network2.device = "vmnet2"


This corresponds to what I setup in Virtual Network Editor (don't forget to run-as administrator when opening it). Attached is how my setup looks in VNE. Then, after restarting, in the VM Setup in VMWare Server, I can now choose Bridged999, Bridged600, or Bridged601 as the network adapter. Though I guess I removed the 601 Adapter (see attached image).




Hope this helps.





Zach Jennings
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