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Amigopod transition to ClearPass


Hi All,


Have some questions on the Amigopod.


Right now if I get the appliance AMG-HW, will I need to get ClearPass Policy Server Appliance when Amigopod integrates with Clearpass with the Guest Module?


Or is it advisable to buy the VM version of Amigopod and later transit to Clearpass Policy Server Appliance? If so, will I have to reconfigure?


Appreciate your replies =)

Thank you.


Re: Amigopod transition to ClearPass

I'd work with your local sales team for the full details, but my understanding......


Until they products merge.....


If you want to buy ClearPass Guest (Amigopod) today, you'll be provided the upgrade path to ClearPass Policy Manager and ClearPass Guest on the converged platform.  So what does this mean.....


If you buy the hardware version, definitely check with your local team on the options for the upgrade.  I've heard that you will be able to backup Amigopod; wipe the appliance and load Policy Manager; and restore Amigopod.   I've also heard there may be options for an "RMA" type scenario where you'll get a new appliance with Policy Manager; then restore Amigopod to it and return the older hardware.  In either scenario, there may be some manual reconfigurations to match up some Amigopod functionality to Policy Manager that TAC or a partner could help with.

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Re: Amigopod transition to ClearPass

Thanks bro. Will check with my local sales.



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