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Amigopod with Aruba Controllers

We wanted to centralize our guest access for all sites, so we went ahead and installed Amigopod.  We have configured particular settings on the Aruba 3400 controller as well as the Amigopod virtual appliance. However, it is taking the settings from the controller not the appliance (ie- welcome page, password complexity, etc..) is there a way to have all the captive portal settings configured from Amigopod not the controller? Also, when guests first get redirected, IE shows the IP address not the DNS name, anyway to change that as well?  thank you


Re: Amigopod with Aruba Controllers

If you set the login page in the captive portal profile on the controller to be the Amigopod page, at that point, the settings you state are all based on Amigopod settings.  For example:


Amigopod is at IP and you are using a web login page called guest-login.php.  

Aruba Controller is using initial-role of guest-logon that uses a CP-Profile of amigopod-cp.


Then edit amigopod-cp profile on Aruba controller to use login page of ""

- If you want a DNS name to show, put the DNS name for amigopod in the above instead of IP and make sure that this name resolves to amigopod from the DNS server that guests use.


I am assuming that other integration steps have been completed including:


On controller:

- Edit guest-logon role (or equivalent) to allow guest clients to open web pages on Amigopod

- Add Amigopod as radius server, add to server-group, and set as server-group in the CP profile used

- Optional: enable interim radius accounting in aaa profile

- Optional: add amigopod as XML server in aaa profile


On Amigopod:

- Add controller as NAS




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Re: Amigopod with Aruba Controllers

Have you taken a look at the integration guide we published on setting this up? It's available at, Amigopod and AOS integration. 



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Re: Amigopod with Aruba Controllers

Just to add to the other comments, if you wish to define a custom welcome page that is displayed post authentication this will also need to be defined in the captive portal discussed by Austin above. This can not be defined on Amigopod at the moment for the ArubaOS controllers.

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