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Android Captive Portal Failure with Sponsored Guest



I have been setting up a Customer Mockup for various CP scenarios and have come across some Android bahaviour that means Sponsored Guest does not work.


IAP-305 Ver

CPPM Ver 6.7.0


Sponsored Guest with Windows 10 Tablet as the Client works fine.


With Moto G5Plus  Android 8.1 the following happens:

  1. Phone associates to SSID
  2. CP is driven and displayed on device
  3. User enters details, goes into wait loop with Login greyed out (as planned), email sent to sponsor
  4. Sponsor Approves
  5. CP on Phone is updated with Login available
  6. User clicks login and is shown "Page not Found" for the url in the Cert.

Suspected that the Android switched the Data Path from Wi-Fi to 4G and some point during the CP Process.

Turned off Mobile Data and retried and Sponsored Guest works as expected and Guest can access the WLAN


Have not yet tested with other phones/android vers but if this is widespread it will cause issues with devices that have both WLAN and Mobile Data.


Has anyone else seen this issue and come up with a working solution.


The same phone works with simple CP with Accept T&Cs only and Self Registration without Sponsorship on the same AP/SSID/CPPM.


Happy New Year



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Re: Android Captive Portal Failure with Sponsored Guest

The Samsung equivalent of this is called Smart Network Switch which causes the device to switch to 3g/4g if Wi-Fi is detected as down or a weak signal. I imagine your device has a similar setting. You can usually turn this off.


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