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Android setup using SCEP and AirWatch

 I am trying to setup Android devices to access the network using certificates from our SCEP with CPPM. Currently it is working just fine with iOS but we haven’t been able to make it work with Android.


From the SCEP side there is not much i can change since as i mentioned it is working just fine for iOS. Here are some screenshots from Access Tracker errors and AirWatch setup.


Unfortunately there are not as many options on Android setup as they are for iOS within AirWatch.


We are running CPPM 6.7.4


We have uploaded and trusted the same certificates we have for the iOS setup (CPPM radius certificates, Root CA, Signing CA, Proxy CA) but a bit confused on what which to use on the Android fields where it ask for Identity Cert and Root cert.


Re: Android setup using SCEP and AirWatch

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Re: Android setup using SCEP and AirWatch

My bad, i wasnt sure if post under Wireless or Security.

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