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Any issues with android 4.4.4 on open networks?

Apologies for the lack of detail here: android phone, connects to wifi, passed captive portal, and now Mac authenticating via Mac caching. Suddenly stops working, apparently. Error message on browser on phone is DNS probe no response'. OK bearing in mind it is in the failed stat at present. 


Firstly the device associates OK

Secondly the device gets a dhcp address OK

Thirdly I see DNS traffic passing from and to the device in the datapath session table

Fourthly when associated with our £30 netgear it works fine ( note no drops on the session table above)


So signal is OK, it can exchange IP and I have 630 other devices working ok. Nothing funky installed on the device and its not rooted  


Anyone have this? This is really bugging me. 

Re: Any issues with android 4.4.4 on open networks?

Have you enabled user debugs on the MAC address?  


logging level debugging user-debug <mac>


Then issue a show log all | include <mac>

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Re: Any issues with android 4.4.4 on open networks?

sure, all looks fine, auth ok, role assignment ok, vlan assignment ok - dont forget I get a full state table I see packets from and to the device also


user came up to my desk this morning any way - he says it does not work at home 'any more' and he is returning it to get a replacement.


perhaps he brought in a faulty phone with a view to 'get his local IT to fix it' , not sure but there you go :) !

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