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Apple iOS 11.2 and Clearpass Captive Portal

Clearpass presents a captive portal for our BYOD devices.  I've noticed lately with iOS 11.2 that it takes awhile to present the captive portal to enter credentials once our BYOD SSID is connected to... a good 10 seconds or so.


We have Clearpass version

ArubaOS on the controllers (about to update to


Is there a known issue with these versions and Apple iOS 11.2?

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Re: Apple iOS 11.2 and Clearpass Captive Portal

Known issue. iOS 11 has been incredibly unstable overall, including the CNA behavior.


Also, 6.5.7 is a very old release (over a year and a half). We're now at 6.7.0. Are you planning to upgrade to a newer release?

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Re: Apple iOS 11.2 and Clearpass Captive Portal

Thank you, I figured iOS was the main culprit.


Yes, we need to update.  Just to find that maintenance window...

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