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Aruba 650 WEP

Hi all

I have a Aruba 650 controller running OS6.0 with AP-65 as the access point. I am testing this with a client (which I design). WIth Aruba 650 OS 5.0, I have no issues connecting the client. I have also had no issues with WEP on Motorola and Cisco. But with the OS 6.0, I have a problem running WEP. I know WEP is outdated, but bear with me since I have to test with it.

Do you know of any bugs with WEP and OS6.0 that could cause issue such as

1. Connect successfully one time withe a DHCP IP address usigng none authentication and encryption as WEP. Upon power cycle of the client, it does not connect . When I say does not connect, I mean that Aruba sees the MAC address but does not define a DHCP IP address. I get a default 169.*.*.*

2. I can set the client back to a default WPA2-PSK configuration and retry step 1 above an same issues are formed.

3. I am able to connect to WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK


Things I have tried:

1. Changing Blacklist time of WEP only to 10 sec


Any help or pointers would help

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Re: Aruba 650 WEP

Where does he client get an IP address from? Do you have DHCP enabled on the controller? Does the VAP have the correct VLAN defined ?
show ip dhcp database

show wlan virtual-ap <virtual-ap>
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