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Aruba Clearpass licensing in 6.7 and high availability

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Wonder if someone would be able to help me with a basic question as i'm a bit confused about the new licensing scheme that has been pushed in 6.7. 


We purchased Aruba CPPM 5K's a few years back purely for just 802.1x and AD authentication which was the main selling point for my company, however after wanting to purchase an additional three units recently our supplier advised that we now require an Access license? Does that mean we would need to buy an Access license even though the Guest, onboard features are never going to used?


Now........ if we must purchase an Access license, do we need to purchase a 1K access license for each server running in a publisher/subscriber mode? or will it be combined if we purchase a 500 access license for each server? 




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Re: Aruba Clearpass licensing in 6.7 and high availability

When you upgrade your existing 5Ks to 6.7, you’ll automatically have 5,000 access licenses available to be shared throughout the cluster for each node. If that is enough, then all you need to do is buy the hardware appliances or the VM license.

Also, just to clarify, Onboard is not included in the Access license.

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