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ArubaWificfg issues



I try to configure Arubawificfg to connect to our wireless network on win7, i tried many configurations without success...

When i use this one : ArubaWifiCfg_Vista.exe -add /SSID:CLG /Authentication:WPA2 /Encryption:AES /EAPType:PEAP /InnerAuthentication:MSCHAPv2 /UseWindowsLogonInfo:FALSE i need to activate the IEEE8021x manually if i want to enter my authentication parameters.

If i add these parameters  /KeyProvidedAutomatically:TRUE /IEEE8021xEnabled:TRUE , i have an invalid input error ....



When i'm using that one on XP, it's working well !!!

ArubaWifiCfg_XP.exe -add /SSID:CLG /Authentication:WPA2 /Encryption:AES /KeyProvidedAutomatically:TRUE

/IEEE8021xEnabled:TRUE /EAPType:PEAP /InnerAuthentication:MSCHAPv2 /ValidateServerCert:TRUE,


Anyone have an idea to help me ?



Aruba Employee

Re: ArubaWificfg issues

Hi Pascal,


ArubaWifiCfg application for Windows XP uses different parameters than Windows Vista (Windows 7) version.


/KeyProvidedAutomatically:TRUE does not exist in Windows Vista (Windows 7) version as this relates to a deprecated function for dynamic WEP key.


Valid syntax for ArubaWifiCfg for Vista is the following:


ArubaWifiCfg [-add | -delete | -help] /SSID:[SSID] ... ...

/SSID:[SSID] Wireless Network name [1-32 characters]
/Authentication:[ open | shared | WPA | WPAPSK | WPA2 | WPA2PSK ] Authentication method
/Encryption:[ WEP | none | AES | TKIP ] Encryption type
/NetworkKey:[ NetworkKey ] Network key
/KeyIndex:[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] Key index
/EAPType:[ PEAP | EAP-TLS ] EAP method
/InnerAuthentication:[ GTC | MSCHAPv2 ] Inner authentication method
/UseWindowsLogonInfo:[ TRUE | FALSE ] Use Windows logon info
/EnableFastReconnect:[ TRUE | FALSE ] Enable fast reconnect
/ValidateServerCert:[ TRUE | FALSE ] Validate server certificate
/TrustRootCA:[ TrustedRootCA ] Trusted Root Certification Authorities
/DebugLog:[ TRUE | FALSE ] Log file generated



In you specific connection scenarion, you should use the following:

P:\Applications\Aruba>ArubaWifiCfg_Vista -add /SSID:CLG /Authentication:WPA2 /Encryption:AES /EAPType:PEAP /InnerAuthentication:MSCHAPv2 /UseWindowsLogonInfo:FALSE /EnableFastReconnect:TRUE /ValidateServerCert:TRUE


Paul Gallant, Eng.


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Re: ArubaWificfg issues

Thank's Paul for your answer BUT ...

The only way i can connect to the wifi it's to activate the IEEE802.1x, otherwise, i can't enter my login information !!!!

Why i can't use this syntax?

/IEEE8021xEnabled:TRUE ????


Aruba Employee

Re: ArubaWificfg issues

Hi Pascal,


You are right, using the Windows Vista tool, the profile Wireless LAN Profile is not created with the 802.1X enabled.

I guess in the short term, you can document this as the students will certainly appreciate being able to store their credentials to avoid re-entering them each time.


CLG- Wireless LAN Profile - Advanced settings.jpg


Paul Gallant, Eng.


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