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Assigning Voice and Data vlan on one port on a HPE 5130 using ClearPass

Connected to a HPE 5130 running the latest Comware 7 firmware I have an Avaya Phone, connected to that is a PC. The port is configured as Hybrid so that I can have a Tagged (Voice) and Untagged (data) VLAN on the same Port. The PC should be authenticating with MacAuth, the PC with dot1x against Clearpass. I looked at the very helpful video from Dik van Oeveren The problem is with assigning the Phone with the correct Tagged VLAN id (10) or name (Voice), which isn't covered in the video. We tried the Radius attribute HP-Egress-VLANID setting the vlan ID as HEX 3100000A or DEC 822083594. Tagged is HEX 31 Or the Radius attribute HP-Egress-VLAN-Name setting the VLAN name as 1Voice For this to work the Switch need to support RFC4675 I have read in other posts that the Comware switches do not support this. The Voice VLAN is't dynamic I just need to authenticate the phones, so any other solution is welcome too.
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Re: Assigning Voice and Data vlan on one port on a HPE 5130 using ClearPass

Did you follow the ClearPass Solution Guide for Wired Policy Enforcement?

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Re: Assigning Voice and Data vlan on one port on a HPE 5130 using ClearPass

Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out.


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