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Authenticate VPN users by clearpass using ASA 5545

hey all
i have a problem , i am just a junior still so i really need this help , maybe its small info but forgave me if its useless info.
we have cisco ASA 5545 and its integrated with the AD so the company users can work with vpn from home
i want to enable radius authentication to this users same as inside network
they enter inside the network by the asa vpn dhcp pool ip address and the policy i applied on the asa
but no i want to redirect them to the CPPM to apply the posture on them
with ISE there is a way
but i got reply from my Aruba vendor that my ASA dont support COA
but found manual from cisco show that i can config COA on 9.2.1 and i have 9.3
help ASAP 

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Re: Authenticate VPN users by clearpass using ASA 5545

I found a few references to Cisco's CoA features - being Cisco, they're all for ISE of course.

for example:

I haven't got any information on the ISE protocol and/or how it compares with CPPM.


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Re: Authenticate VPN users by clearpass using ASA 5545

i will gave it a tray and let you know the result , but for sure

the required configuration on ccpm  need a vlan , same as inside network

vlan on asa will  destroy our design 

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