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Authentication Failed in Captive Portal

hi all,


this my first time playing with clearpass. and now i have some problem deploying captive portal using clearspass. so for the first the lab that i used is IAP controller and clearpass. i have setup all those 3 so that when i join to guest SSID it automatically redirect me to login page of clearpass. but the problem start now, and i really dont get it what i miss. everytime i login to captive portal it always said "authentication failed" but if put a wrong credential it said "invalid username and password", so based on that i assumed the connection between my controller and clearspass is fine and working. and i also can say that the problem is inside my clearpass only, and one more thing when it said "authentication failed" or "invalid username and password" i cannot found error message regarding to my login problem inside access tracker and event viewer is there any of you that have same experience like i have ?


i believe through this forum can give me a way out of the problem


Re: Authentication Failed in Captive Portal



On the CP server did you ensure to add the IAP VC IP or the IAP IP's or the subnet from which the authentications will be sourced?

You can also check in the CP event log for any errors.

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Re: Authentication Failed in Captive Portal



many thanks for the reply, but i have found the problem of this case which is the connection between my clearpass and controller was not good (intermittent) and after i fix the connection, captive portal can appear as expected 



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Re: Authentication Failed in Captive Portal

Just to clarify the communication...


The IAP will use ACLs and act as a Man-in-the-Middle to capture your HTTP/HTTPS request and redirect you via HTTP/HTTPS to the captive portal hosted on ClearPass. Once you click "Login", ClearPass will perform an HTTP/HTTPS Post back to the IAP. The IAP then generates the RADIUS request which hits Clearpass Policy Manager and the authentication is successful / fails from there.


So the flow goes back and forth a couple times, but I'm glad you were able to diagnose this as a connectivity issue.

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