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Auto Generated user names by attributes?

Under Custom Guest Manager I would like to set my username type to "sequential numbering" AND have the "sequence prefix" add part of the users name or part of the company name followed by 2-3 digits. I see in the description under the"sequence prefix" section the following.

Identifier string to prepend to usernames.
Dynamic entries based on a user attribute can be entered as '_' + attribute. For example '_role_name'.
The username length will determine the length of the numeric sequence only. Recommend 4.

I was able to set it as describe in the example "_role_name" and I got the role "ShortTerm" followed by a few digits "ShortTerm0001"

What I am not clear about are what other attribute options are available so I can say use the users first name or company name and only the first 3 or 4 charectors of that.

Can this be done?

Re: Auto Generated user names by attributes?

If you view-source from an edit page you should see the field names. first_name, last_name, etc. If you put an underscore in front of any of these that can be the key, i.e. _first_name. There is no way to truncate the string, however.

Note that the username length for the sequence passwords just applies to the number section.
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Re: Auto Generated user names by attributes?

I have a related question to ascott.


What i intend to do is use the visitor_phone field as the guest username. Now if we use the "sequential number" method we end up with the suffix visitor_phone001,002 etc.


However, if the email address field is enabled that overrides the random username and the email address becomes the guest username.


Now what i was wondering is whether i can use the visitor_phone to become the username much like how the email address is used.


Or do i simply rename the email address field to mobile number so the guests are providing me mobile numbers instead of emails and amigopod generates the username as the mobile number.  which i tested and it works, but i guess is not the right way to do it.




Re: Auto Generated user names by attributes?

that is very possible and we actually do have customers using the phone number as a username.  So the trick is to actually add the 'username' field to any form, and rename the label/description to reflect.  Now just make sure that if you are using SMS delivery anywhere you set the field to use as the 'username' field instead of the default 'visitor_phone'


the username field should trump the email address field on any form.


hope this helps



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