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Automatically export Endpoint profile

Hi all

I am currently trying to export information about the endpoints that has been profiled by Clearpass. I have tried using the RESTful-API, but the problem I have is that the information that has been found from the DHCP-request is missing, like hostname and IP-address.


Using the API, the only information I have been able to get is the following (Using the API-exporer here, but I have accessed the information using the API remotely as well):


However, when I use the export-functionality in Configuration/Identity/endpoints, and export the endpoint i recieve all information about the endpoint:


The relevant information here that I am looking to access remotely is the EndpointProfile information, like IP, hostname and OSFamily, etc. 


The results from the export looks a lot like the result from an XML-api call, like the legacy-api that CPPM had, which has now been replaced by the RESTful-API, which does not include endpoint profile information.


I am looking into using this information in addition with some other data-sources to analyze the endpoints on the network, and in order to do this I need the information that is stored by Clearpass, but isnt accessible through clearpasserver.local/api/endpoint.


As far as I see I have a couple of options as to how I can access this data remotely, and I want to know if any of you know the best way to do it.


Option 1: Using the API

If there is a way to access the information I am looking for through the API, that would be the best option, but as far as I can see the new API does not support exporting the information. If however there is a way, please reply and let me know


Option 2: Using the legacy API / calling for the export remotely

As the information you recieve by manually exporting is very similar to an XML-api response, if there is a way to use the legacy-API and get the XML-file with the endpoint-information, that would work, but I have not found any documentation letting me access the XML. IF there is a way to use this, please let me know.


Option 3: Automatically export the endpoints to a remote server

The information recieved from manually exporting to an XML-file contains what I need, a way to automatically export the file would work. I have however not found any documentation showing me that automating the export is possible. 


Option 4: Some other way of retrieving the information

If there is a way any of you know that would let me retrieve this information from a remote location, that does not use any of the mentioned methods, like directly querying the database, I would gladly try it out.


Also, if this is not the correct place for this question, sorry, and please direct me to where I should post it.


Thanks in advance

Marius Myhre

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Re: Automatically export Endpoint profile

If you want an "automatic push", use syslog to feed the Insight data to your solution.


Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.21.59 AM.png

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Re: Automatically export Endpoint profile

Hi Mr. Cappalli, thanks for the very quick reply.


I should have specified some more things in my original question. In our current implementation of Clearpass we are not using Insight (or onGuard), and as such I believe the insight logs would be empty (Please correct me if I am wrong). In addition, I would like to pull a dump of all the data for the endpoints currently in the database, not feed real-time data into our solution. As such I would prefer if there was a way to "pull" the data (in comparison to your suggested way which would be an automatic "push" as you called it) on demand, like using the API. If it is possible to simply automate the export-function from the list of endpoints, and push the resulting XML-file to a remote location (Say our file-server) it could work, but pushing syslogs does not appear to solve my issue, unless I am missing something. 



Marius Myhre

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