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Automizing backups of Clearpass



What are you guys using for automizing your Clearpass backups? Is using the Avenda external data puller the only way or is anyone doing it with Kiwi CatTools or any other software?




Re: Automizing backups of Clearpass

There is the backup puller on the support site that most use. There is a windows and Linux version

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Re: Automizing backups of Clearpass

Im trying to set this up and I would appreciate any tips....


Thanks in advance :)


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Re: Automizing backups of Clearpass


FYI - Using the following procedure but no love ?



Windows Installer Instructions:
1. Download the External Data Puller application from our support site under the Software Downloads -> ClearPass -> Tools -> External Data Puller directory. <-- Windows 64-bit installer <-- Windows 32-bit installer

2. Extract the installer into a folder and run "setup.exe". Depending on the architecture of the system, the application installs either in "C:/Program Files" or "C:/Program Files (x86)"

3. The configuration directory of the application is --

4. After the installation, edit the "datapuller.conf" in the configuration directory to provide the following details :

-- eTIPS/CPPM Server IP Address (only one node in the cluster is required)
-- Administration username
-- Administration password

If required create a separate External Data Puller account on the eTIPS Administration.

5. Restart the "Avenda External Data Puller Client" Service.

6. Once the service is up and running, it downloads the configuration dumps from the eTIPS cluster and stores it in the following directory.


This location can be altered by modifying the "datacollector.conf" in the config directory

Re: Automizing backups of Clearpass

We had a bug recently that was just fixed in 6.3.2.

Please excuse my errors as sent using my small useless keyboard on my smartphone.


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o: 408-513-8938<408-513-8938> (diverts to cell)

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