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BOYD: ClearPass & Remote APs

I just finished watching the Web broadcast of the new BOYD rollout... love the commercials BTW... will ClearPass work with Remote APs?


We have a independent school building that has a conference center but isn't connected to our network, I'm hoping that Clearness will allow BOYD at this location via Remote APs. Thanks


EDITED: Moderator... please move this to BYOD thread... I followed a link off the Web broadcast to this thread and apparently it's the wrong thread. :-)

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Re: BOYD: ClearPass & Remote APs



Glad you enjoyed the brodcast! :) This board is fine since the topic is related to ClearPass product. 


Re: BOYD: ClearPass & Remote APs

The BYOD onboarding process is based on being redirected to a captive portal hosted on the ClearPass solution. If your design with RAP's supports the captive portal redirect then you should be in a good position to roll out our BYOD provisioning technology.

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Re: BOYD: ClearPass & Remote APs


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