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BYOD issues



I have a strange case of misbehaving Apple devices. Our setup works as this:


- User connects to Guest SSID

- CP page has a link leading to On-boarding page (if user is Employee)

- User enters his/hers AD login details

- Two profiles get installed on Apple device

- After successful on-boarding, user is prompted to connect to BYOD SSID


Now, all this works OK every time. Problem occurs after user gets disconnected from the WLAN (end of the day...), and comes back to work another day. Some of the devices (and not every time) will not reconnect to BYOD SSID automatically, and when user tries to do it manually is prompted to enter username/password (that obviously doesn't work).


If we remove installed profile, and on-board device again, all is OK again. Confusing thing, at least to me, is that same device can work well for a week and only then have a problem, and some of them (all of them Apple devices, iPhone/iPad) never develop problems. 


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Re: BYOD issues

Please open a TAC case so that they can track your issue down.  There are a number of reasons why this would happen, and they would need to examine your  exact configuration to determine what is causing the issue.

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Re: BYOD issues

I don't have an answer for your issue and TAC is the way to go, but a suggestion to try and determine what "triggers" the problem to occur if you start to notice a similarity in the model/iOS version of the Apple devices that have the random problem - try rebooting the device to see if that "triggers" the issue.

*The following doesn't apply to your device, but just to rationalize my method of thinking*

A few years ago while I was in the Help Desk, I ran into a similar issue with a couple of specific Android devices (HTC Evo specifically) - wireless would just stop working randomly at days at a time or weeks at a time. After a couple months, I finally got my hands on a device with the problem intact, ran a debugging app, and discovered that there was a bug preventing the wifi_supplicant from accessing the stored password and failing -> what's supposed to happen at that time/os version is the wifi_supplicant requests access to the credential_storage, a prompt pops up requesting authorization, and then the supplicant retains access until the phone reboots. It's one of the reasons whenever someone came into the Help Desk to setup Wifi and/or Exchange E-mail/Calendaring that I ensure fucntionality survives a full reboot.

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Re: BYOD issues

Hi cbjohns and thanks on sharing your experience. We are now trying to isolate triggers, and hopefully isolate root cause.



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