Backup of insight db via scp

In these days of WFH I've a small problem getting hold of a 8Gbyte insight backup. I can log onto our cppm insight cluster member and manually create a backup that includes the insight db but as far as i can see the only way of pulling the file to another host is via a web browser.


Problem is I'm either downloading 8Gb to my home machine over broadband or using our VDI system to download it into a win 10 downloads directory, which is a bit problemmatic


Is there anyway of SCP'ing a backup file off the cppm server ?

Can't see an appropriate command (6.8.6 or 6.9.2) from the cli and when you log into the insight web page, although there is an SCP config option don't think it can be used for insight backup.


From the policy manager you can select config or config/session for nightly backups but guess thast doesn;t include insight

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