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Bandwidth Quota Enforcement

I am new to using ClearPass. I would like to setup per user bandwidth enforcements for students and guest users. Not exactly sure how to go about setting this up. I want to limit guest users to 2MB and students to 5MB during peak hours, and increase the limit during off-peak hours. How do i go about setting this up?


Here is version of Clear Pass: ClearPass Policy Manager on CP-VA-5K platform

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Re: Bandwidth Quota Enforcement

Did you mean 2GB and 5GB? A user will swallow up 2MB in about 5 seconds.

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Re: Bandwidth Quota Enforcement

Looks like he is talking about bandwidth contracts.


You can do that per SSID, per user role and so on.


I don't think you can do time based bandwidth contract with only controller but a Radius server like ClearPass can be used to accomplish this.


If you can share more details about your existing setup, may be we can work on it.

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Re: Bandwidth Quota Enforcement

Why not make it 5Mbps  all the time and  you would set this bandwidth contract on the controller. 5Mbps is minimum requirement to stream HD quality on netflix. 2Mbps I would hotspot to my phone and get better speeds.  - Just my opinion you would want users on the wireless not off the wireless.


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Re: Bandwidth Quota Enforcement

I've created bandwidth contracts on the controller per user role, this is working for me.

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