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Bandwith limit on certain users question

Hi, have a customer with Guest SSID authenticated via captive portal. No firewall just src-natted onthe controller and connected to wimax.


Internal users have access to external VPN servers.   Is it possible to bandwith limit guests that just want web browsing, while giving the VPN users full bandwith ?



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Re: Bandwith limit on certain users question

You cannot dynamically apply bandwidth restrictions to users.  You need to place them into different roles when they authenticate.  You would then apply a bandwidth contract to each role to restrict teht raffic:

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Re: Bandwith limit on certain users question

You could allow VPN access but no web access on the inital role, role with the captive portal, without a BW contract. This would allow users who don't authenicate VPN access out to their corp but if they login to the guest portal then they would receive a BW limit and only have http/https access.

This would take care of the role issue Colin mentioned above. 


How are you authenicating users today? email address or username/password? 

David Dipert
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