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Best External Radius Authentication for IAP 105 Wireless Guest network -

Hi All,


I have recently installed 34 IAP 105's - currently using internal VC. I have a few SSID's:


SSID 1 = Admin Staff - DHCP from DC - with MAC Authentication on VC

SSID 2 = Guest - IP's VC assigned - with WPA-2 Personal Authetication method


So i see there is Amigopod which sounds amazing, not sure but looks costly. I have requested a quote from supplier.


However, i was wondering if there was any other (Free or Not) similar Authentication Methods for Guest Networks out there. Im looking for a good Local or Hosted solution that can be easily managed EG: create accounts for guests with time limits and so on. 


I understand that the VC can handle this type of Authentication but it seems quite limited and not that easy to manage. I need something simple but yet effective!


All feedback will be greatly appreciated.


KInd Regards



Re: Best External Radius Authentication for IAP 105 Wireless Guest network -

First, I'd suggest you reevaluate the MAC authentication you are doing on your Admin Staff SSID.   I'd suggest you look at securing it with 802.1X authentications back to your Active Directory (you mentioned DHCP from your DC, so it sounds as though you have AD)...


As for the Radius server to handle that and your guest needs, ideally ClearPass Policy Manager is the way to go for all your authentication needs...and much more (Amigopod is now branded ClearPass Guest).  It's the most powerful and flexible Radius solution I've used.


Alternatives depend on what your budget and preferences are.  There are Radius-as-a-service cloud solutions; such as Cloudessa or one from   If you are looking at  Open Source  alternative solutions without the advanced capabilities of ClearPass.....daloRADIUS and Packet Fence are two that come to mind....although I can't speak to their simplicity; that being one of your requirements.



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