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Best SSID for guest

Dear AIRHEADS members,


This is the first post for me here, since I'm new in Aruba networks technologies and I have some quastion about guest deployment I want to do, and if you have any suggestion (best practise or implementation guide).


My senario:


We want to brodcasting SSID for guest on our Point Of Sale locations, I think in two senario and I did not have an idea about if any of them are applicable or not:


First senario:

I will confugure Captive Portal with field that enforce the guest to fill it with his mobile number, then the ClearPass will create a guest account automatically with username (his mobile number) and random password and send this credential to him by SMS, and this guest account come with predifined quota and/or expire date (some restriction will be applied on this guest account)


Second senario:


SSID with PSK, and I need to applie some restriction on each session (quota, BW per user, Time-Based ACL ... something like this), I think this senario is so deficalt since I need accounts and AAA accouning for this users, please advise.


I know this is wide question, new ideas is very welcome.


Warm regards,






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Re: Best SSID for guest

Both options can be accomplish with ClearPass and with an Aruba Controller
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Best SSID for guest

For 1. 


You should look at the ClearPass Guest Deployment Guide that corresponds to your version here and in guide  look for Guest Self Registration:


For 2. 

we can do this by Aruba Firewall rules. In a user role, you can put uplink and downstreem bandwidth contract "/user" or "/role". time ranges can be configures in firewall policies and mapped to the role. 




Vinod Kumaar AVM ACMX, ACDX
Principal Network Engineer
Customer Advocacy | Aruba Networks Inc.

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