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Best way to backup/restore endpoint data

I' ve been playing with device fingerprints for a while. but never been really brave enough to make major changes to our production clearpass service in terms of fingerprint definitions. Main reason is that if you import a fingerprint definition and u get it wrong you could have thousands of device types being changed and if you're using fingerprint info in your enforcement policy that could be a lot of pain.


I do have an enhancement request in for a "Are you really really sure.. you're going to change X number of endpoints" button to be part of the fingerprint import process just to make sure you can back out of changing entire contents of your endpoint db


Up till now when I've been playing wtih fingerprints I've backed up the whole server config and just restored that which works but takes a while.... but not as long as actually exporting all the endpoints.


Question, if I export all my endpoints, then make a change to a device fingerprint definition that changes 1000's of devices, if I attempt to import the exported endpoints file will it


1). restore everything overwriting the contents there ( .o.k this is assuming I've deleted the erronious fingerprint definition and stopped the processing additional endpoints info)


2). skip the ones that are there implying I'd have to delete the entire endpoint db and then import stuff





Today I tried exporting all my endpoints ....

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