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Best way to export log from Clearpass?

Problem: Clearpass provides great views in policy manager monitoring section (live and other viewers for auth etc..). But I would like to use process this data for popping out certain notifications in a self made destop app.


I already found some-what solution in here


But what is the best way to aquire these logs (especially failed auths) for further processing?


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Re: Best way to export log from Clearpass?

Not sure about the notifications from an app bit...  We simply use e-mail for notifications based on log events; however, I'm sure you can figure out a way to get that done.  


You can configure a Syslog Export Filter (CPPM > Administration > External Servers > Syslog Export Filters) to send batches (not in real-time, 2 min interval) of relavant log bits to a syslog server.  You can then use your favorite log watcher application to trigger an event based on your criteria. 


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