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Best way to keep two CPPM publishers in sync?

We have our main CPPM cluster located in the Chicago area, with subscribers in France & Brazil.  We had a third subscriber in Singapore, but after a 6.7.7 to 6.7.11 upgrade, it keeps getting out of sync and then dropping off.  TAC said the cause is that it's too far away, over 200ms, from the publisher. 


So now it sounds like I need to set this up as a separate publisher. What is the best way for me to keep these systems in sync?  What else do I need to do?  Transfer licenses over?  Anything else?




Re: Best way to keep two CPPM publishers in sync?

A cluster can have only one publischer and only sync to subcribers. For WAN deployments zones can be used, but iam not familar with this kind setups.


Maybe this give you an idea:


You told this is happens after a update, probaly the nodes went to long out of sync. Did you try to drop the subscriber and re subcribe it again to the publischer? That will bring it in sync again. Best to plan some downtime to do this.


Because this setups can be complex and we dont now your environment exactly the best way is to work on this with TAC and or your local Aruba partner.

Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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