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Bulk creation of certificates



Does anybody know if there is a way to bulk create user certificates in Clearpass. Due to the devices limitations I need to gerenate the certificate manually as they can onboard.


I have been able to import the accounts into the local DB on the clearpass server but have not found a way to bulk obtain a ceetificate for them. With 1000+ users I don't really want to do it manually.





Re: Bulk creation of certificates

Clearpass is designed to be a selfservice/BYOD Certificate generation product today. It is not designed to create bulk certs. It would be a great feature request. 

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Re: Bulk creation of certificates



I thought that was the case. Thanks for the update.


Re: Bulk creation of certificates



I want to come back to this thread. Within the 6.5 rerlease of CPPM we have added a lot of API orchestration. This includes a WHOLE section on onboarding. You could use the new API's to automate the creation via script of certs etc. 


To get started take alook at a 6.5 node under htis URL   https://your_cppm_ip@/api-docs


You'll need to create created an API Client. The API Client you create should be of type 'client_credentials' (to start with) and 'Super Administrator' as the Operator Profile. You can lock this down later.



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