Re: Byod setup (onboard and policy manager setup)

Double check the SSID name in the services and make sure it matches exactly.

Also if you are using CPPM as the root ca and don't have a publicly signed cert for the HTTPS you need to disable the require https on both the controller and CPPM.
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Re: Byod setup (onboard and policy manager setup)

Hi all,


Logged a case with TAC and they managed to resolve my issue. It was a misconfiguration on my part I had chosen radius instead of AppAuth for the onboard authorisation.


As I am not using a public cert and the self-signed cert from the onboard module was not imported to the policy manager, when my ipad tries to authenticate, it fails.


TAC is helping to confirm the error. Solution was to perhaps use the cert from the onboard module.


I have got another query. My enforcement policy is not treating my ipad as a smart device and is getting the AUTH_LAPTOP role. The aim is to not to apply onboarding for windows laptop but allow onboarding for MAC OS, ipad, android etc.. I could perhaps use a condition that requires successful user and machine authentication to enforce this but AD is not ready yet. I am using a local account to authenticate and thus am unable to use machine authentication as one of the conditions. Any workaround for this?


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Re: Byod setup (onboard and policy manager setup)

Thanks all for your help.


I have manged to get the BYOD working with the help from this forum and support :)

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