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Bypassing the portal. Why can't I wrap my head around this?

I just need one MAC to be able to get online without being forced to go to the portal first. I have created an AAA profile which has a Mac authentication profile set to colon, lower and 0. The service group is internal and I have double checked the roles many times. I probably get lost in the role options though, derivation is set to the specific MAC. What should the specific role and MAC Authentication Default Role look like?

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Re: Bypassing the portal. Why can't I wrap my head around this?

your requirement can be achieved by using a UDR or MAC auth. i would recommend UDR for this setup. 


First can you provide the following output to understand your existing setup, 


Show user | in <mac>


show aaa profile <profile name>


show rights <Role role in which the user is falling>


let us know what role you are using for portal and what role you expect the w/l vedio device to fall in. 


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