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This quarter we focused on improving a number of our existing integrations and adding a few new ones. This quarter highlights the importance of endpoint security, as we release three new EDR/EPP security integrations, endpoint security along with NGFW firewall is where enterprise business’s spend the vast majority of their security budget, being able to integrate them with ClearPass Policy Manager is highly desirable. We’ve supported a number of vendors over the years, this quarter we’ve added additional leading endpoint vendors solutions, Crowdstrike, Microsoft and Trend Micro. Continuing with the integration development last quarter with Mosyle Manager for the K-12/Higher-Ed space, we’ve added Mosyle Business, this version is focused specifically on Enterprise Companies, this has already led to a ClearPass new-business sale in a competitive situation in Canada.


In terms of updates, Cylance Protect, now Blackberry Cylance Protect after they purchased the endpoint security vendor just over 1-year ago in February 2019, a small update to the logic processing in VMware Workspace One {formally known as Airwatch} and we’ve published the Medigate Integration Technote


We believe these improvements or new integrations will continue to enable you to have more meaningful conversations with both existing customers by ensuring they get the most out of their investment in ClearPass Policy Manager as well as prospective customers looking at us versus the competition.



Crowdstrike Falcon – New

Crowdstrike Falcon has been one of the most requested integrations from the field/partners for the past two years, we’re finally pleased to release our integration. A high number of Enterprise Businesses have deployed the Falcon endpoint agent and ClearPass can now leverage Falcon’s endpoint security context as part of the Enforcement Policy.

Why this maters to you? – Being able to access and use contextual data from endpoint security agents is very valuable, using this at time of network access provides an invaluable insight in making an enforcement decision on how a device gains, or doesn’t, network access and ultimately application access.



Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection {D-ATP} – New

Microsoft have been tightly integrating endpoint behavioral sensors, security analytics and threat intelligence into the Windows platform. D-ATP platform of features is now available to other desktop systems such as macOS and has publicly announced it intends to support Android and iOS later in 2020 via support with other partners. We’ve seen interest from customer for D-ATP integration through 2019 and we’re now pleased to release and announce our integration, we’re also the FIRST NAC vendor to have an integration with D-ATP.


Separately we’re now members of MISA, the Microsoft Intelligent Security Associate “an ecosystem of independent software vendors that have integrated their solutions to better defend against a world of increasing threats.”, we’re hopeful this will provide us with an additional avenue to market ClearPass Policy Manager.
Why this matters to you? –
Being able to access and use contextual data from endpoint security agents is very valuable, using this at time of network access provides an invaluable insight in making an enforcement decision on how a device gains, or doesn’t, network access and ultimately application access.



Trend Micro Apex Central / Apex One – New

Trend Micro has been a highly requested integration especially from our colleagues in APJ region. TM recently re-packaged their endpoint security products as ‘APEX’, APEX ONE being the agent and APEX CENTRAL being the management platform. We’ve added integration specifically into APEX CENTRAL as the conduit to access endpoint context from APEX ONE.
Why this matters to you? –
Regionally Trend Micro is a very strong player within APJ and adding support will aid our team in selling ClearPass Policy Manager, outside of APJ TM continues as one of the global Anti-Virus vendors and has been very successful as a Cyber-security vendor and adding support for TM APEX CENTRAL will universally help others.



Mosyle Business – New

We added support for Mosyle Manager a UEM focused on K-12 in our last quarters update. This month we’ve extended and added support for Mosyle Business. Mosyle Business streamlines workflows to manage and deploy APPLE specific networks of devices.

Why this matters to you? – For Enterprise Customers this provides an essential and almost invaluable integration that’s delivers an enhanced layer of security for any connected device to the network be it known or unknown.

Blackberry Cylance Protect – Updated (Thank you Tony Kord)

Cylance Protect has been one of the ‘new-wave’ of NG antivirus vendors this past few years. We originally released Cylance Protect over 3 years back as one of our early extensions, since then we’ve updated a number of extension related framework features such as scheduling via CRON style controls, we’ve started to introduce extension level resource/performance statistics, concatenate vendor name’s as part of the endpoint attributes and we’ve exposed a configurable ingest paging sizes to customers.

Why this matters to you? – Refreshing the extension updates a number of key usable features as discussed above and fundamentally adds incremental usability features.


Medigate – Updated

Why this matters to you? – See last quarters link below for our write up on Medigate, this just confirms that the delayed TechNote supporting this integration is now posted.


VMware Workspace One – Updated

The integration with VMware Workspace ONE {WSO} has had a number of releases, this latest release {version 3.1.0} provides support for an issue related to creating/patching endpoints when some of the returned fields are NULL. Note:- There is no documentation update to support this update.
Why this matters to you? –
 Ensuring that endpoints get updated real-time and with the correct contextual data is paramount, please ensure you or your customer move to this latest version of the WSO extension.





We announced several new and updated integrations which we are re-listing below for those that missed it. For a more detailed description of the below integrations from the last quarter use this link to read more and why they are useful and valuable to you and our customers. 

  • Mosyle Manager – NEW
  • Medigate – NEW
  • VMware Workspace One – Updated
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager – Updated
  • Palo Alto Networks Integration Guide – Updated

You can also find a complete list of all the Aruba 360 Security Exchange Quarterly announcement here on our community site.


Everyone including customer and partners can find the documents on the community site located here, this is a NEW landing page which will become the source of access to all ClearPass Documentation.



We always want your feedback on the integrations we deliver, good or bad. What we like to hear from you is what integrations are you are seeing or hearing about in your accounts today, what’s missing, what do you need to help you win?



Finally, A big thanks to the ClearPass Engineering and QA team for helping us develop, validate and update these integrations!


Danny Jump,  Anish Pansare & Tony Kord


Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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