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CPPM 802.1x & Meraki

We already use CPPM with Motorola (ExtremeNetworks) AP & controllers with success. We have purchased some companies using Meraki and we want to add to CPPM.

I don't find any Meraki RADIUS dictionary. I tried to find on the net some documentation. I found on Meraki RADIUS documentation some info about this. But, I don't find anything about the RADIUS dictionary.

I'm sure that someone in the community already configured this manufacturer with CPPM.



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Re: CPPM 802.1x & Meraki

You can test it with the airespace VSA's. It is also used for cisco wlc based wlan, and i see it being refered to in some meraki/ISE docs.

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Re: CPPM 802.1x & Meraki

Thx for reply...I'll look on this and get back to you...

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Re: CPPM 802.1x & Meraki

I found the Meraki RADIUS dictionnary and I built it. I import in CPPM. It works now like Motorola. Most attribute is the same of IETF...


Thx for your comments...this guide me...

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