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CPPM Abnormal Cluster Behaviors



I configured Cluster CPPM of two servers, but got some abnormal behaviours after configuring cluster for the below scenarios;


1- “First I configured one CP-VA-500 and tested the authentication for wired users and all were good.

Next we configured CP cluster of two CP-VA-500 (publisher and subscriber) then the subscriber synced with publisher and both were up, and configured the testing switch for the secondary radius server.


Then I disconnected the publisher VM interface to simulate the failover to subscriber, but the devices connected to switch didn’t authenticate and after a while I lost the GUI access to subscriber “although it was pingable and the console was running”, after this I connected the publisher interface again, but also the devices didn’t authenticate and the publisher GUI was not accessible too.

So I rebooted both servers and disconnected the subscriber from network but the GUI didn’t work too.

At last the GUI worked after more than an hour of reboot.


2- later I tried to import one MAC address to CP, but the two servers hanged and again the authentication and GUI services stopped working.


Please note the below;

  • I used only 450GB hard disk space but the image installed successfully “although the recommendation was to use 1000GB”.
  • I only used single interface in the CP setup “the MNG interface” and didn’t use the data interface.”

Re: CPPM Abnormal Cluster Behaviors

I haven't seen this behaviour before, I'd recommend logging it with TAC.



ACCX #540 | ACMX #353 | ACDX #216 | AMFX #11

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