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CPPM GUI Login with RSA token authentication

I have been wrestling with this all day. I want to secure CPPM GUI access with our RSA SecurID tokens; in other words, when I login to the GUI, I want to require the RSA token for authentication.

I cannot find any document or thread that explains how to do this. I did find one other thread asking how to do the same, but the replies went in many directions and no one actually answered.

Is this even doable?

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Re: CPPM GUI Login with RSA token authentication

With help from Chuck Jenson, I got this working.

1. Had to add our RSA Authentication Managers as Token Server in Configuration > Authentication > Authorization

2. Had to copy the default server [Aruba Device Access Service] 

3. in the new Device Access Service

   a. set the Authentication Source to the RSA Token Server

   b. set the Authorization Source to Active Directory

   c. set the Enforcement to a new Enforcement Policy with conditions (first match) based on equals to map admin roles based on AD group membership.


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