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CPPM-Guest: Endpint Unique Device Count, Login Page Message.

We have the below Scenario that is already done in the configuration and all is good:

The user is allowed to login with his credentials after registration with, allowing one unique device, and if he is trying to connect another device using the same credentials he/she will be rejected.
I did this in the service and its working fine.

This is all working good so far.

What we need is that; when the user is trying to login a second device using the same credentials, We need to display him/her a message in the login-page that his/her credentials is already used on another device, for example (i.e. This Account is already in use on another device).

Is there is an Ajax Code that can check the Unique device count in the endpoint before login and if its more than 1 he will be displayed a message that the credentials is used on another device.

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