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CPPM Guest - endpoint information help button

Hi all,


We are using CPPM Guest to onboard devices for a public network.  We have a Web Login page for known users and a Self-Registration page for visitors.


Both pages have a mailto: URL that users can click to email our helpdesk for login or connection issues. 


What I would like to do is find a way to capture endpoint or session information to include in the email that is sent to the helpdesk when a user has trouble getting connected.  I've found that I can get endpoint variables in the body of an email by in this way:{$_endpoint.Username}

I could do this for multiple endpoint variables, but it's messy and it assumes the client has a mail client setup that works with the mailto URL. It also assumes the client has a working internet connection to send the email, which is troublesome because these users would be behind our captive portal.


Is there a way I could build a HELP button on these pages that generates an email from the Clearpass server itself, using PHP or some other method, which would collect information about the session and the endpoint (endpoint attributes and the users's redirect URL?) and email it to our helpdesk?


What I'm most interested in collecting are the endpoint's MAC, IP, Username (if exists), and connected AP. 

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