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CPPM Radus Server process stopping

Found a recurrence of a funny I had in versions of CPPM before 6.6 ( can't remember which version). 


Before I raise  TAC case (problem is you can't reproduce this to order so hard to track down) I thought I'd run this past peope on the list to see if anyone else has seen it.


When creating CPM services I configure them to proxy RADIUS acounting packets to a 3rd party server ( or servers). This other server (FR 3.0.15) then process the accounting packets and stores data in a postgresql db and sends it off to a logstash server. Doing this ensures that we have a centralisd set of RADIUS accounting data covering our whole RADIUS authentication service not just CPPM related authentication


At one point in the past what I found was that if I set up too many services with this acounting proxy config the RADIUS service process would stop. You then either had to restart it by hand or wai for a watchdog process to do it for you. Either way there was a loss of authentication for a while.


This issue seemed to go away in CPPM 6.6 releases and I've got a fair number of services proxying accounting data quite happily.


up till now ....


I have a CPPM 6.6.7 test cluster comprising of a 5K hardware appliance and a 25K VM. This cluster services the wired and wireless connectivity in our building ... its not a big building with few wifi connected devices, something that the smallest CPPM server should cope with easily.


This 6.6.7 cluster config was copied from the production 6.6.5 cluster.


For a while we've been having issues with the radius service process  stopping or failing to successfully authenticate EAP-TLS connections. We perform EAP based health checks  for EAP-PEAP/MSCHAPv2 and EAP-TLS every few mins/seconds as appropriate and get SMS messages if there is a failure in the healthcheck authentication process.


4 Days ago I removed all the accounting proxying from the 6.6.7 cluster apart from 1 dealing with our wifi connectivity to eduroam..... and to date we haven't had any service disruption.... not a peap!


Because this is a random issue (server can run for hours or days before a problem arises) its hard to track down.


I'm guessing there's a "running out of threads" issue here but have never found any logs to show what's happening. Don't particularly want to upgrade our production clueter to 6.6.7 and then have things die on us 


Anyone seen this sort of thing?






Re: CPPM Radus Server process stopping

Please make sure that you have the hotfix for ClearPass 6.6.7 installed that addresses an issue with RADIUS server stopping on certain EAP-TLS requests (ClearPass 6.6.7 Hotfix Patch for SMBv2/v3 Support and invalid EAP-TLS certificate exchange).


If you installed that patch already, or installing the patch does not resolve your issue, please open a support case with Aruba TAC to get this issue investigated. Radius process should never stop.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: CPPM Radus Server process stopping

Sadly I changed 2 things :-(. Removed my accounting proxy settings from most defined services ... and also installed the 6.6.7 patch.

Guess I need to reinstate the accounting proxy and see if things die again.


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