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I was wondering if there was a trick to using the 'Authentication' option when using it to define a 'Service Rule'. I have been messing around with it and have yet to be successful.


It doesn't seem to matter what I use the authentication request always bypasses this service.

I tried to set the value to a specific Authentication source that I know my test user can authenticate from but the service is never hit.


I suspect I am using this option incorrectly.


I was thinking that perhaps this value cannot be used because the 'Authentication' information shows up in the 'Computed Attributes' portion of the Access Tracker details. Whereas the Radius:IETF is in the 'RADIUS Request' portion.


I read some of this post in which cjoseph provides some great details about how the CPPM processes an authentication request and applies a service to it and I think this should work. But I am obviously missing something!


Can anyone shed some light on where I am going wrong?


Thank you,





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Re: CPPM Service - Service Rule Authentication option

You should not use that attribute, because the Authentication Source is only known after successful authentication takes place.  This should not be used in the Service Tab, which decides if an incoming authentication is going to be "Serviced" or not.

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Re: CPPM Service - Service Rule Authentication option

Fair enough.


Thank you!

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