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CPPM TACACS device access groups

Hey All, what is the best way to create 'access groups' for device access? For example, I have 2000 network devices, I need to allow a vendor access to 100 of those devices. I see two ways:


1. Create a 'Device Group', and put all those devices in it. This seems incredibly painful, the Device Group interface sucks, it just gives you a list of IP addresses, I would have to search through the list of 2000 IPs and add the ones I need. Beforehand I would have to look through my device list and find the devices by name and note down their IP. WHY isn't there a name search or 'bulk update' feature for Device Groups? 


2. Set an Attribute on the devices and key off that. Again, WHY is there no 'bulk update' option on the Devices page? I would have to open each one manually and set the attribute? Or find/select my devices, export them to CSV, set the attribute and re-import them?


Anything i'm missing? 



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Re: CPPM TACACS device access groups

If you could at least filter devices by name and not IP when adding them to a Device-Group that would be helpful.

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