CPPM Upgrade Strategy



Current CPPM Version:


I have fallen behind on the CPPM upgrades and would like to get caught up.

I have 5 patches and 2 upgrades that need to be installed.


I was reading in the release notes that Aruba recommends we install all existing patches before upgrading.


My intent was to install patches in the order shown below.



I am wondering about the Upgrades though.

I have read that I can go from our current version directly to version 6.4.0.x. Is this advisable?

Or should I do the 6.3.0.x first?


I was also wondering if I can pre-download all of the upgrades? I am a little concerned about the available disk space to hold all of them.


On a side note, I know that for 6.3.0.x and 6.4.0.x I need to add a new disk for 500GB.


Thank you,




Re: CPPM Upgrade Strategy

So two different questions here.....


s/w Upgrade..... you can go straight from 6.2.6 to 6.4.0, then you have to apply the 6.4.x patch you require.... 


VM Disk requirements.... please review the changes to the disk layout/allocation before you upgrade.... these are fully documented in the VM install guide/release notes on the support site.

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ClearPass Product Manager

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Re: CPPM Upgrade Strategy

So I should actually install the s/w Upgrade to go from 6.2.6 to 6.4.0 first? Then check for any additional patches for 6.4.0 that might pop up after upgrade?


Sorry to repeat myself I just want to make sure I understand correctly.


Yes I have been looking at the requirements.

We will need to add a new disk of 500GB based on the vmware image of ClearPass we have.


Thank you,




Re: CPPM Upgrade Strategy



This was probably a stupid question but I wanted to make sure I got it right.


Anyway, I went ahead with the upgrades.

I ended up going with what the documentation recommended and installed the patches from within the current release first.

I then install the Upgrade to go to 6.4.x


At that point the subscriber was completely cut off (which I wasn't expecting, but understand why). I then upgraded the subscriber.


Once both CPPM's were on the same version, I installed the new patches within the 6.4.x verion stream.


All went well and the servers are both up and running....and I still have all my hair :D



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